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Linux... from the
comfort of your Mac.

Finally, a beautiful, Mac-native way to control and manage your Linux machines.

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Put down that console. Pick up your Mac.

Get the best of both worlds with a fast, modern desktop interface that puts enterprise-scale Linux within your reach.

Monitor your machine's CPU, memory and more in one easy-to-love Dashboard. Use Argus Menu (link) to put all your dashboards in one place.

Argus Dashboard

Powered by argusd

It takes powerful friends to change the world. Argus on the Mac only works with argusd on Linux. This daemon runs on your Linux machine and communicates with Argus. argusd is open source, and is installed automatically during setup.

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Argus Menu

Works with Argus Menu

Track your Argus-controlled Linux machines in a beautiful, accessible menu item on your desktop. Argus Menu is a free companion app to Argus.

Argus is growing

This is just the beginning. With your support, Argus will grow to support more Linux features, better integration with your Mac, and more ways to take the most advantage of two great operating systems working together!

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Argus is free to use during the beta period.

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